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Bird Design

A Card Collection Benefiting BCAP


of the 

Rocky Mountains

BCAP is thrilled to announce a unique summer fundraiser to support our HIV Care and Prevention Services. Created by BCAP's Business Manager and illustrator, Quyncc Johnson, these cards incorporate art and nature in 5 designs exclusive to BCAP for our supporters.


Each set includes one of each card pictured below,

in celebration of the diversity and beauty of Rocky Mountain birds!

Artist Statement

In the summer of 2016, I joined Boulder County AIDS Project’s Atlas program in  its mission to help end the transmission of HIV within Colorado communities. After volunteering for a number of years, I was hired as BCAP’s Business Manager and in-house graphic designer. My time at BCAP has helped shape my professional career and encouraged me to become a more engaged, caring community member.


When conceptualizing the Birds of the Rocky Mountains card collection, I was inspired by the diversity of birds within my home state of Colorado. Birds are such magnificent creatures, and it was a true joy studying the plumage, color, and structure of the birds featured in this set. I am excited to lend my creative talents to lift up and support Boulder County AIDS Project and its mission through this fundraising campaign. In purchasing these cards, I hope you find joy in knowing you are supporting an organization that serves thousands of people living with or at risk of acquiring HIV in many Colorado communities.

- Quyncc Johnson

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