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Volunteer Spotlight Features Camille Hook!

Camille Hook was born in North Carolina and studied fine art at the College of William and Mary. After spending a summer in the Colorado Plateau for a geology program, she fell in love with the desert, threw a dart at a map of the four corner states, and it just so happened to land on Colorado. This led Camille to start her life out here, and eventually to being a volunteer with BCAP!

As she and her husband Rusty raised their three children, Camille wanted to make sure they learned generosity through action. She heard of BCAP through Boulder Valley Unitarian Universalist Fellowship in 2002, and after talking with Sarah Annecone, she was thrilled to hear that BCAP had the capacity for her young children to be of service. Soon they were volunteering as a family in the food pantry. Eighteen years later, Camille has played many different roles as a volunteer for BCAP, including home delivery, working fundraisers, being a shopper for the food pantry at Costco, and now working the front desk.

Camille’s involvement in the BCAP community is deeply rooted in her passion to lift up the people around her. She has her Master’s in Communication Disorders and works out of her home as an educational therapist. After growing up with a learning disability, Camille wants others to feel that they are valuable. Her genuine care for anyone that walks into her life is seen every time she works the front desk at BCAP. “It’s so important to have someone on the other side of the phone who is 100% there to serve you in that moment. Everyone who walks through that door is so important.”

BCAP’s mission has a large influence on Camille’s dedication to volunteering. Her brother-in-law, Dr. J. Michael Kilby, was chief of the Division for Infectious Diseases, professor of medicine, microbiology, and immunology at Medical University of South Carolina, and he made significant advancements in HIV medication and created programming to provide psychiatric care for hospital patients living with HIV. He passed away a few years ago, and since then, Camille’s emotional bond to volunteering with BCAP has only grown stronger.

Aside from volunteering her time at BCAP, Camille loves traveling, hiking with her dog, baking pies, and continuing to explore art. She is particularly interested in mixed media and scratch board art right now. Camille’s advice for new volunteers reflects her authenticity and genuine care for the community. “You have to be very strong to work at BCAP, and everyone there has a lot of power in that strength. It’s the power to lift people up.”

Camille, you lift us up every day. Thank you for everything you do for BCAP, your readiness to serve anyone who walks through the door and overall dedication to BCAP is treasured. We are so grateful for your presence in our community!

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