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Join Us in Celebrating BCAP's 2022 Local Legends! On Sunday, September 11, 2022

[pictured left to right: Bettina Harmon, Carolyn S. Powell, and Daphne Chellos]

Don't miss your opportunity to join in community and celebrate this year's inspiring BCAP Local Legends! Bettina Harmon, Carolyn S. Powell, and Daphne Chellos are being named Local Legends for their decades of service to mission-driven work, social justice, and health equity benefiting the lives of underserved populations in Boulder County and beyond.

Bettina Harmon (she/her), 2022 BCAP Local Legend

Bettina has been fortunate to work with people living with HIV and the dedicated people that serve them for 26 years. She began her career as an early intervention case manager, later served as the director of client services at the Colorado Health Network, and now is cofounder and president of Coldspring Center for Social and Health Innovation, which focuses on building resilience, equity, and trauma-informed services for people living with HIV.

Bettina uses her aptitude for technology to help organizations use their tech in a smart, efficient, and collaborative way so they have more time for the important work of connecting with the people supported through their services. She facilitated the development of a collaborative case management software project* between 5 HIV service providers in Colorado that has continued to evolve over the last 15 years, and has more recently supported BCAP’s effort to build their own comprehensive case management software.

Today, Bettina is dedicated to ensuring that the people who serve in HIV organizations have the training that they need to build programs centered in equity and trauma-informed care. She believes the health and resilience of the people we serve is intimately connected to the health and resilience of all service providers, our organizations, and ultimately our communities.

Carolyn S. Powell (she/her), 2022 BCAP Local Legend

Carolyn has been an advocate for and ally to marginalized and underserved communities and individuals all her life. She strives to be a voice for and supporter of human and civil rights. Recognizing the systemic realities undermining them, Carolyn’s commitment to protecting these rights for all people is what guides her action and activism.

She began working with AIDS service organizations in the early years, recognizing the stigma and marginalization that was occurring and continues to occur. She has also continuously worked to advance the rights of the LGBTQIA+ community and the needs of women and children, Native Americans, and people of color. Additionally, as a Pro-Choice activist, she has persisted in her engagement with and support of all that cause embodies.

Carolyn recently joined the team of the Colorado Lawyers Committee as Associate Director working with pro bono service groups and committees. In addition to multiple terms on BCAP’s Board of Directors, including as Board President, Carolyn has served on many other nonprofit boards for the past 30 years, assisting and advising on board development, governance, and entity formation. She received her JD from Washburn University School of Law and is grateful for the life that has given her opportunities and resources, both professional and personal, to do work she values.

Carolyn is immensely proud of her three daughters, her son-in-law, and her two grandsons who are her heart and soul and bring such joy into her life.

Daphne Chellos (she/her), 2022 BCAP Local Legend

Daphne Chellos, M.A., LPC began volunteering with Boulder County AIDS Project in 1985, the very year BCAP was incorporated as a nonprofit. Over three decades, she has worn many BCAP hats, including Buddy Team Leader, Pro bono Psychotherapist, and Co-Director of Client Services. Her most recent role has been that of Management Team Consultant, since 2013.

Daphne says her volunteer and professional work as a sexuality educator and counselor, massage therapist and bodywork educator, psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, adjunct professor at Naropa University, spiritual director, and in the nonprofit community has been profoundly gratifying. “It’s a shared human journey. My teachers have been my students, clients, mentors, colleagues, friends, and the wonderful beings I’ve journeyed with at BCAP. BCAP embodies courageous and generous love and I’ve been blessed to be a part of it since the beginning.”


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