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BCAP Bids Farewell (but not Good-Bye) to Kelsey Weigman

Kelsey is leaving her position as Prevention Coordinator the first of October, but will continue to partner with BCAP’s Prevention Staff in her new role at Boulder County Public Health. Thank you Kelsey for your dedication to meeting people where they are at with such skill and heart. We are so happy for you and feel fortunate that we will continue to work with you!

"It is after much difficult consideration that I am letting you all know I will be transitioning from my position as Prevention Coordinator on Friday, October 1st, as I will be beginning a new role at Boulder County Public Health in October. It is bittersweet to be transitioning from BCAP, but I am excited about this new opportunity, while still being able to continue to work closely with #BCAP and in support of our mission!

Since walking through BCAP’s doors in 2017, I knew I had found my place, my community, my family. BCAP is an organization invested in their people, and it is a place where you will always find a listening ear, and someone (likely, many someones) invested in your wellbeing. These past 4 years I have gone from intern, to volunteer, to staff, and I have been so supported, invested in, and cared for every step of the way. I have learned so much from my clients and mentors, and have thoroughly enjoyed every moment of my time on staff. It has absolutely been one of the greatest privileges of my life to serve on behalf of BCAP’s mission.

If you have met our staff, our clients, or our volunteers, you know how special a place BCAP is, a place I will continue to support in every way I can. So, I want to take this opportunity to sincerely thank you. You all have contributed to my personal growth, professional development, and joy in more ways than I could share!

I look forward to continuing to see you all, and thank you for supporting me!"

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