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June Volunteer Spotlight Features Alvaro Barron

Alvaro Barron, started volunteering with BCAP in January 2019, and enriches Atlas with his passion for healthy community. Here, Alvaro shares his thoughts on volunteering with our Prevention Services:

“BCAP impacts our community in many varying and admirable aspects. Serving at BCAP has given me the opportunity to work with talented and thoughtful people while serving my community in a meaningful way. I feel honored to volunteer for such an organization.

I am a member of BCAP’s HIV prevention program, Atlas. I’m especially inspired by its vision of a future where HIV transmission is rare. Atlas' mission is very possible and very real and we have the medical advancements today to reach this goal quickly -both locally and globally. Earlier this year, I had the privilege to participate in Atlas’ PrEP workshop at CU-Boulder. PrEP is a single-pill combination of anti-HIV medications to keep HIV negative people from becoming infected. During the workshop, I was able to share my practical knowledge of PrEP and how it can help safeguard one’s health. The PrEP workshop was a great event that offered individuals a chance to speak with healthcare professionals in a secure, nonjudgmental environment.

Recently, I volunteered staffing BCAP’s information table at Longmont’s Cinco de Mayo celebration. We had a spin the wheel “test your knowledge” game at the table which drew in everyone from kids to the elderly and curious passersby. It was interesting to see how some “drug and sex-related” categories sparked chuckles among some participants and yet most people showed a genuine interest to learn from the activity. It was a great way to bring public awareness around topics that are often taboo to bring about in public settings.

BCAP addresses an issue that directly or indirectly affects everyone. It is an organization that encourages real solutions to real life problems. I hope to inspire others to pursue giving back in any way possible and become part of the solution as well. At BCAP, there are many ways to best contribute in any capacity and become part of the movement that will end the (still-ongoing) global AIDS epidemic.”

Alvaro, thank you so much for enriching Atlas with your passion for healthy community. We are lucky to have you sharing your gifts with us at BCAP.