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February Volunteer Spotlight Features Paul Gorecki

Before moving to Colorado, Paul was a volunteer at the AIDS Resource Center of Wisconsin. He started to volunteer at BCAP in the summer of 2016, soon after moving here. “I volunteer at BCAP because I am a client. I like to give back to places where I am getting help.” He shared. Growing up in Wisconsin, Paul’s parents and grandmother taught him the value of showing appreciation.

With a lot of work experience in customer service, Paul started volunteering at the Front Desk. He spends 30-60 hours a month answering phones and assisting people who come through BCAP’s front door. He really enjoys greeting and helping others.

Paul learned of other ways to be involved and added them to his schedule. He loves to fill in where he sees a need! Every week, Paul bags up portions of vegetables and cheese for BCAP’s food pantries. Recently when First Presbyterian Church donated 1,778 pounds of food and household items to BCAP, Paul unexpectedly showed up the next day and spent many hours putting the food away and organizing the pantry. He is one of BCAP’s many highly dedicated food pantry volunteers. He takes a personal interest in keeping the pantry clean, well-stocked and inviting to those accessing its food.

Paul is also on BCAP’s Development Committee, and helped with two recent thank-a-thons hosted by the committee. He made hundreds of calls thanking donors for supporting BCAP financially. Paul has assisted with BCAP’s fundraisers, waiting tables at BCAP’s Local Legends Gala a number of times. He likes “to serve the people who support BCAP and make sure the event is a great night for them!” Paul is a hard worker and has a ready smile for everyone he meets.

Aside from his volunteer time at BCAP, Paul enjoys being outside in nature. He loves gardening, specifically growing fruits and vegetables. He likes spending time on his brother’s mountain property, playing around on the river.

Paul’s advice to new volunteers is to “put yourselves out there and see what you can do to help. And then, see what satisfaction and even friendship you get in return!”

Paul, we are all so grateful you enjoy spending your time with us at BCAP, talking with and assisting people coming in for services, volunteering their time, or stopping by to make a donation. You truly help to make things run smoothly when it is busy!