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January Volunteer Spotlight Features Rickie Hall

For the past five years, Rickie Hall has volunteered with BCAP’s Special Events, playing an integral role in raising money for the agency. Every fall, she volunteers at BCAP’s Local Legends Gala.

Specifically, Rickie leads the volunteer team tasked with setting up an eye-catching display of the various items donated for silent auctions. Then she leads the next wave of volunteers to arrive in monitoring the auction and assisting guests in bidding on the items they hope to buy. A highly committed volunteer, Rickie always stays to see the event through to the end.

Rickie also volunteers with BCAP’s Gift Wrap fundraiser at Barnes and Noble every December and staffed multiple shifts this past season. When asked what she likes most about volunteering with BCAP she says, “The people and helping BCAP make money!”

Rickie is self-employed, organizing two large annual meetings for her out-of-state clients: the Global Retail Marketing Association and the Customer Relations Management Council. She is a speech coach helping non-professional speakers with their presentations.

All three of Rickie’s grown children live in the area. She has a 10 year old granddaughter she enjoys very much. Playing and cuddling with her two dogs, Rickie jokingly refers to them as “the good dog and the monster dog.”

Contributing to community is clearly a family value. Son-in-law Kelsey baked for last year’s Local Legends Dessert Dash and kindly thought to make extra dessert for the event’s volunteers! Rickie’s young granddaughter is an artist who raises money for Alzheimer’s research, by selling notecards that she creates.

Thank you for being such a great example of “giving back” Rickie, and for your long standing commitment to BCAP. We are lucky to have you!