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For the past 5 years that Jessica Hoyt has been actively volunteering with BCAP, working with her has been a real joy.

In her role as Gift Wrap Coordinator, she saves BCAP countless hours of staff time. According to Sarah Annecone, BCAP’s Volunteer Coordinator, “Jess demonstrates a real sense of caring for the volunteers she is scheduling. She copies me on emails as appropriate and I see that she consistently takes the time to add a personal touch.”

Jess was quick to reply to the emailed requests of over 100 different people who volunteered last month! In 2017, Gift Wrap raised a record high of $5,254 in donations, in no small part due to Jess being willing to take on the extra days Barnes and Noble offered to BCAP.

Recently, BCAP had the chance to ask Jess to reflect on some questions:

How did you get involved with BCAP? “I responded to a volunteer ad I saw in the Daily Camera to be a grocery delivery driver for BCAP. Interestingly, after orientation, I found a different niche; and I never did the delivery gig! I started once a week at the front desk and helped patrons shop at the food bank. My work schedule changed, so I amended my role to Barnes and Noble gift wrap coordinator to keep contributing in some fashion.”

In what capacity are you currently involved with BCAP? “Since winter of 2013, I have been the volunteer coordinator for gift wrapping at Barnes and Noble. As I have multiple jobs, I enjoy the flexibility this position offers. Sarah and BCAP have been very open to trialing new systems over the years to streamline the scheduling, and hopefully next year we can make it even better!”

What other things do you enjoy doing? “I enjoy sand volleyball, cycling at Boulder Valley Velodrome or on the road, being with friends, and gardening.”

What do you enjoy most about your volunteer role with BCAP? “I most enjoy the altruism of being a volunteer for a society I believe in. I give my time and expect nothing in return. BCAP has an amazing staff. I appreciate the support and feel fortunate in the friendships I have made.”

Any advice for a new volunteer? “Don’t judge. Smiles are easy to produce and may reach someone deeper than words. “If everyone in the community was able to choose a foundation that meant something to them and volunteer, our society would be a better place.”

From all of us at BCAP, we extend our gratitude to Jess for running the 17-days of gift wrap at Barnes and Noble so expertly and with such a caring touch. Thank you Jess!

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